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2916 Marne Place Fort Wayne Indiana

  • Sunday @ 10 am, Tuesday at 6 pm, Friday at 6pm
    Zoom Meeting ID: 8276661050 Password dlfort

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Church Blog

Tract: A Christian

The questions are often asked, “Who is a Christian? Howdo I know a Christian if I meet one? Does Matthew, Luke,or John pass for a Christian? Is everyone who raises up hishand in response to a preacher’s call to repentance aChristian? Does everyone who passes through the churchisle to the altar pass for a Christian? Are all those inchurch pews during church services Christians? Who is aChristian? Finally you may ask, “Am I a Christian?” A soul winner on evangelism…

God Loves You

This is so amazing. In 5 minutes, all your sins can be wiped away, replaced with Christ’s Love, Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy. Just tell Jesus you are sorry for your sins and ask Jesus to save you, and He will. He died for yours sins on Calvary’s cross, was buried and rose again from the dead the third day. Trust Him now and be saved. God is soooo very good.John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave…